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[24 Jun 2009|11:37pm]
cool. I totally forgot about my livejournal. What's up with everyone?

s'been awhile [21 Mar 2007|08:46pm]
so, things are looking pretty ok for me. Got academic and music scholarships to Loyola and LSU. NYU accepted me (but we'll see about the $$). I've been practicing efficiently and also creatively! Which makes me very happy. I've found lots of new people to dig, so I'm out of my rut. I started getting Downbeat and am reading Effortless Mastery which is really inspiring. Every musician...or anyone who wants to master something, should read it. It's beautiful.

It's testing week at BRHS which means I don't have to do anything! So I've just been hangin out, reading, and playing the piano...which are all the things I want to do! I even had time to make a good lunch for myself tomorrow. I'm excited. It's nice having some free time. But it probably won't last for long. I have a research paper to do...which I'm contemplating not doing. I bet I'd have a B in the class if I didn't do it. I'll go do the math.
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[15 Jan 2007|05:27pm]
I need....inspiration. Audition dates are not enough to get me really working again. I want to practice, but all i feel like doing is...well, nothing. I try working on classical..boring. I tried working on improvisation...boring. I tried memorizing tunes, transcribing, and arranging...still, boring. I need a new combo to jam with, new material, new classes to take. I can't WAIT until college. Hopefully, I'll get into a good one.
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[04 Dec 2006|06:20pm]
Bart: "Aren't we forgeting the true meaning of Christmas? You know, the birth of Santa."

oh and also...
Bart: Well if your souls real, where is it?
Milhouse: It's kinda in here... and when you sneeze, that's your soul trying to escape. Saying god bless you crams it back in. And when you die, it squirms out and flies away!
Bart: What if you die in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean.
Milhouse: Oh, it can swim, it's even got wheels, incase you die in the desert and have to drive to the cemetary.

[01 Dec 2006|06:45pm]
Why is my life so stressful? because I'm a procrastinator? Maybe. I didn't realize that I had to submit another whole Eastman application even though I was going to do a duel study at Rochester with classes in Eastman until a week before the due date. So, I got together 3 teacher recommendations letters and forms in 2 days. And I sent a reallllly last minute recording to Eastman because I didn't realize I needed one! So I probably won't get in because they reduce 200 applicants down to 40 based on the cd. Then after the 40 live auditioners they pick 12 people. TWELVE. So anywho, that was a waste of an $150 application fee.
I also realized a few weeks ago that the deadline for Indiana was 3 months earlier than I had thought. But thankfully I got all that stuff in on time and got a whole lot of scholarship opportunities. :)
Then NYU only accepts dvds for the jazz audition. No cds and no live auditions. So I have to get a combo together, ask my jazz teacher to let me use the recital hall with the steinway, and get my film-making friends to help me. But atleast thats not due until February 15. Which is silly because I'm scheduled for a visit to NYU on February 16th with the jazz studies chair (last name Schroeder which gave me a laugh..) so why couldn't I just audition for him? I don't know.
In conclusion, I can't wait until March 3rd which is my last audition, and then I don't have to worry about this crap anymore.
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[01 Dec 2006|03:24pm]
Comment and I'll give you a letter and you have to go to your LJ and write 10 things you like that begin with that letter.

exileonabbeyrd gave me "R"

1. Round Midnight-a tune by Monk which is one of my favorite ballads
2. Rocky Horror Picture Show!
3. Ray Charles
4. Regina Carter-great jazz violinist
5. Rain!! I love it when it rains (and I'm sleeping in my bed..)
6. Red beans and rice
7. Max Roach...ok so i cheated. Max is a badass drummer.
8. Reading Mark Twain...ok I cheated again.
9. Red pumps (that i want really badly)
10.Relaxing and NOT taking the SAT like I have to do tomorrow.
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[23 Nov 2006|04:41pm]
Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm thankful for this sexy dude

...and my cat.
and family I guess too.
haha. :)

And now for something completely different....

I already started my christmas list! Except I'm not sure which recordings to get; any suggestions?

1. Weather Report
2. Medeski, Martin, Scofield, and Wood
3. Tower of Power
4. Victor Wooten (or atleast Bela Fleck and the Flecktones)
5. Steely Dan
6. Abdullah Ibrahim

Then I want the New Real Book 6th Ed. because all my jazz friends have it, and I dont.
a rifle.

...haha not really. I'd shoot my eye out.

[20 Nov 2006|06:30pm]
gigs, practice, lessons, college apps..thats what this week is made of.

No schoolwork thank GOD. (and Achee for not piling it up on us)

I hate christmas music too. I have to learn 2 hours worth of it. So I bought this little fakebook so I can cheat. (but atleast I'll be making 100 bucks off this crap)

And then I get another 100 bucks for and LSU English Dept party.
And after that I have to race over to BRHS for a concert.

OOPS gotta go. The simpsons are on.
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[05 Oct 2006|03:06pm]
You scored as Blues.




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hah. I'm a socialist. [01 Oct 2006|01:11pm]
You are a

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BoOOOoo [26 Sep 2006|03:33pm]
All State jazz tryouts need to NOT be the same day as SATs.

Andy Pizzo please let me audition later!!!!

[14 Sep 2006|03:34pm]
[ mood | content ]

oh my! what a great day.
Mike Esneault, Troy Davis, Bobby Campo, Ed Perkins (blues singer), and ...dangit i forgot the bass players name. BUT they were all fantastic!!!! They came to play for us in band today, and it pretty much inspired me to practice. I was in that rut where i don't know what to do with my music, nor do i feel like finding out. BUT now i do. :)

And then college day was today so i missed 5th and 7th hour. Andrew Wright's dad represented Duke, and i went over to talk to him about the college and instead he pretty much convinced me to go to Loyola. hah. And then he mentioned other colleges like NYU and Chicago which i was already considering. SO i guess i'm on the right track.

and now I'm listening to jazz and eating hot pink cookies. Which makes me really happy. [and fat]

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this is all i want! [08 Sep 2006|09:39pm]
1. All State Jazz Band
2. raise my damn math grade
3. job at sullivans
4. get into a good [out of state] college!
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[02 Sep 2006|06:34pm]
ahh im a four-eyes!
but atleast i look smart now
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did you know.... [06 Aug 2006|01:52am]
The composer olivier messaien saw colors when he heard notes, and wrote a lot of his music to contain "chords"/groups of notes that looked to him like stained glass windows.
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jacked this from Hope [05 Aug 2006|12:11am]
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[03 Aug 2006|11:28pm]
man, i love dexter gordon. and i love this picture.
what a badass

you know what else i realized? I've had this real gutbucket dirty piano blues cd for a looong time.And I just discovered that it has a Duke song on it from "Money Jungle" one of my favorite cds. AND Dave Brubeck's on it too. Which is really weird because I never thought of Brubeck as a blues guy, guess he's just all multi-talented. Strange what happens when you start really listening to the music you listen to.
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[30 Jul 2006|02:38pm]
hahaha. what a badass picture. Go look at my background picture. Best street lamps ever.

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found these on the UNT site [23 Jul 2006|06:38pm]
pictures from jazz workshopCollapse )
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[23 Jul 2006|12:00pm]
is this frank upchucking your entry?
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